Corona Virus Precautions in Car Rental


Corona Virus Precautions in Car Rental

As Demirpolat Rental, we take precautions precisely in the period when corona virus effects are very serious in car rental.
Rent a car; It is a very useful service that people provide vehicles for certain periods of time in car rental companies. However, it is clear that this service can cause serious hygiene and health problems if the correct measures are not taken. As Demirpolat Rental, we are proud to offer a hygienic service with our understanding of the situation in question. Moreover, the fact that a deadly epidemic such as the corona virus continues to be felt very seriously in our country has turned the sensitivity in hygiene into a social task. So, what kind of precautions do we take against the corona virus as Demirpolat Rental?

Coronavirus Provisions
The corona virus, which started to appear in China and then began to affect the whole world, caused tens of thousands of deaths all over the world. The corona virus, which continues to cause deaths and diseases, is a virus that is transmitted by contact and has very high contagious levels. For this reason, it is very important to take measures against the virus in car rental services where contact is at serious levels.
Outside of Vehicle Cleaning
Before individuals benefit from car rental services, the vehicle is disinfected from the outside and possible contamination is tried to be prevented. Before the corona virus emerges, vehicles that are cleaned only with cleaning materials are also cleaned with powerful disinfectants in this process, and maximum measures are taken to prevent our valued customers from getting sick.In-Vehicle Cleaning
In car rental, the places where contact is the most are inside the vehicle and especially the steering part. Priorities for individuals who prefer to benefit from Demirpolat Rental services are the application of general disinfectant to the interior of the vehicle and possible risks are reduced. In the second stage, the steering wheel, gear knob and front console are wiped in detail with cloths and the necessary actions are taken to prevent the virus in the vehicle in any way. Well, are these measures alone enough to protect against the virus?

Corona Virus Protection Methods in Car Rental
In order to be protected from corona virus, you should take some precautions while using the car rental service. In this sense, we can say that the use of gloves will significantly reduce the risk. In addition to wearing gloves, wearing a mask is also among the issues that can reduce the risk.

You can fight the virus by reducing the number of people getting on the vehicle and ensuring that you sit by maintaining a certain distance. While providing the best services in Malatya car rental, we carry out disinfection at every stage with our perspective that cares about your health. You can protect both your own health and public health by taking individual precautions.



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